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Doing it in the dark

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Not wanting to be a sheep, we like to do things a bit differently here.  Several times a year, we decide to do something a wee bit wacky (after all, who wants to be normal!) with Aloft! We like to do it in the dark! When night falls, our team of night owls transform the dark tree top challenge into an adventure with a difference.

But don’t worry, your not completely in the dark, we give you a head torch and a few lights scattered around.

Why doing it in the dark is easier?

You may think that finding your way along our tree top course in the black of night with just a few lights to help you along the way would be a daunting challenge. However, some people actually find it easier as they can’t see how high up they are or what challenge is coming up next –  ideal for those scaredy cats!

First place!

We were the first place in Scotland to offer this dark adventure (yes!), other have jumped on the band wagon (as they say)  but we are going to keep our title of #premieradventurecentre for that very reason!

Sense of achievement

Not many people can say they have achieved this in the dark so you are part of an elite group of adventurers. In fact, we should make a club. We’ll call it the #nightaloft!, (genius!)


They’re themed! Each late nigh event is themed to add to the experience!  Whether it’s ghostly gouls or festive cheer, we will add the

So if your feeling brave enough, our next night time Aloft! session is Frosty Aloft! on Monday 28th December

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