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Rudolph’s Return

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Dear Glen
Great to hear from you, hope you had a great Christmas. Ours was exhausting; over 24hours of flying but Storm Eva over your parts certainly help us along. However, we’re lucky, we’ve only got to do it one day of the year so we can’t complain (the carrots along the way certainly help!!).
Working in such close proximity to your colleagues, you certainly get to know them better. Prancer and dancer just mess around all the time (they’re the jokers of the team).  They love the Christmas music so make the big man play it all the time (there is only so much jingle bells one deer can take). Dasher and Vixen love being away from the North Pole, although they are not fans of the heat in Australia (“It’s too hot, can you put the air conditioning on?” – you’d think they would appreciate the heat!!)
Then there’s Comet and Cupid, they just gossip about the elves most of the way (some of things they tell me, I thought the elves were all sweetness and light but noo, not so innocent).

elf 2
Donner and Blitzen, my mates, are like me and just want to get home so they are just keen to power on home – all in all we make a great team!
We did manage a BP this year though, we did it in 23hours and 58 minutes and 44 seconds, the big man is over the moon! All our hard work this year has paid off, Santa put us on a strict regime this year, he even had his old friend Sammy the Navy Seal to get us into shape (although I think it is bit rich coming from him, all those mince pies haven’t done his waist line any favours).


We’re not long home and Mrs Claus has put on a feast for us so were just about to dig in.
Hope you got the gifts we left by your tree ok, the bike looked awesome, I was tempted to keep it for myself but the big man said he would get me one once we got back (think he was trying to get a move on!) . Hope the wife liked her gift and the glasses help you with your game! The hoverboards look great fun but I think one of the elves got a wee bit too excited and crashed into the stable so just to give you the heads up!
Although we were only there briefly, the quarry looks great mate, I would definitely be up for a visit sometime in the New Year.
When it comes to flying, you’ve either got or you haven’t I am afraid. There aren’t really any tips I can give you, it’s something I was born with, sorry mate.
Anyways, I will be in touch to arrange a visit. Wish your good doe a Merry Christmas from me and I hope you have a great New Year.
All the best

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