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Posts for August 2016

What’s SUP?

Monday 1st Aug 2016

Think surfing meets kayaking and you’ve got the trendy new water sport – paddle boarding, stand up paddling or ‘SUP’ if you want to be on point with the lingo.

First of all, what exactly is paddle boarding? Basically, you’re standing on a board slightly chubbier than a surf board, and using an oar to paddle yourself along. It doesn’t need waves like surfing as the paddle is your propeller.

It comes from the 1800s where Polynesian’s would use the early form of surfing to paddle between islands. In the early noughties windsurfers adopted the sport from Hawaii, since then (and rightly so) it’s exploded in the western world.

Stand up paddling at Loch Leven

Fastly becoming one of the most popular water sports, this total body workout improves core strength, cardio fitness, balance and flexibility with virtually no impact. You can even do yoga on a paddle board, but let’s get to grips with the basics first…SUPDSC_0818

If you’re new to SUP, we recommend you give our SUP Intro a try. The sport can be done by the whole family (even those of us with zero balance) but luckily if you do fall in the water, we have our head instructor Mark and the team on hand to help get you back on board…

Once you’ve got your balance sorted you can move onto the SUP Journey. Mark and the team will guide you round Loch Leven, but don’t worry they’ll still be there to help if there are any more dunks in the loch.

They’ll show you all the tricks of the board and how to keep it under control, before you know it the calories will be floating off while your gazing over the back drop of the surrounding mountains.

So come give SUP a try and see what all the fuss is about!