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What’s SUP?

Monday 1st Aug 2016

Think surfing meets kayaking and you’ve got the trendy new water sport – paddle boarding, stand up paddling or ‘SUP’ if you want to be on point with the lingo.

First of all, what exactly is paddle boarding? Basically, you’re standing on a board slightly chubbier than a surf board, and using an oar to paddle yourself along. It doesn’t need waves like surfing as the paddle is your propeller.

It comes from the 1800s where Polynesian’s would use the early form of surfing to paddle between islands. In the early noughties windsurfers adopted the sport from Hawaii, since then (and rightly so) it’s exploded in the western world.

Stand up paddling at Loch Leven

Fastly becoming one of the most popular water sports, this total body workout improves core strength, cardio fitness, balance and flexibility with virtually no impact. You can even do yoga on a paddle board, but let’s get to grips with the basics first…SUPDSC_0818

If you’re new to SUP, we recommend you give our SUP Intro a try. The sport can be done by the whole family (even those of us with zero balance) but luckily if you do fall in the water, we have our head instructor Mark and the team on hand to help get you back on board…

Once you’ve got your balance sorted you can move onto the SUP Journey. Mark and the team will guide you round Loch Leven, but don’t worry they’ll still be there to help if there are any more dunks in the loch.

They’ll show you all the tricks of the board and how to keep it under control, before you know it the calories will be floating off while your gazing over the back drop of the surrounding mountains.

So come give SUP a try and see what all the fuss is about!


Sports of the water variety

Thursday 7th Jul 2016

It’s summer again, we know it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, but trust us – it’s here, now. Here at Action Glen, we are firm believers that we can’t let a bit of rubbish weather get in the way of enjoying summer and there really is no better time to try out one of our water sports at Loch Earn

Our water sports run from April to October (we’re not so daft that we carry it on through the winter) and we’ve got some good news! It turns out that water sports are actually way better for you in chilly waters – well we’ve got plenty of that here!

We’ve put together a list of reasons why cold water is the way forward for water sports…

Natural buzz

First of all, cold water is known to cause a natural high which can become quite addictive. The reason for this buzz are our endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers, so when you jump into the cold water, they jump in to take the sting from your skin.

Double that up with the buzz you’ll get from getting thrown off of Big Mable and you’ll be leaving us high as a kite.


Big Mable out on the water at Loch Earn


Being cold sends the blood pumping to your internal organs, working your heart like a pump. It boosts the circulation and exfoliates the skin by flushing it of impurities, giving you a beautiful glowing complexion.

You could always do this with a cold shower, but it won’t be anywhere near as fun as hanging on for dear life and flying off the Tornado.


Tornado out on Loch Earn, Action Glen watersports centre


Boosts the immune system

For your body, a sudden and drastic change in temperature causes an attack – something Jack knew a thing or two about when Rose refused to let him on that door! While we don’t want to get as cold as Jack, a wee bit of cold can be a good thing for the immune system.

Scientists in the Czech Republic carried out an experiment where willing subjects were put in cold water for one hour, three times a day. They found increases in white blood cells and other positive factors relating to the immune system.

They put this down to the cold water being a ‘mild stressor’ which activates the immune system to give it some practice.

Who would have thought that cold water would have so many benefits, who cares if the sun doesn’t have his hat on! Come and get high on life on the chilly waters of Loch Earn, all while boosting your immune system and perfecting that complexion.


Easter adventures without breaking the bank

Friday 19th Feb 2016

Easter holidays are almost upon us and that dreaded holiday headache of what to do with kids while your at work is looming.

Don’t worry, we might just have headache free answer for you.

Think kids having fun, enjoying the great outdoors and learning new skills all under the watchful eye of our resident deer-devil, Glen, and his experienced instructors. And at only £35 per day (or £95 for 3 days –saving of 10%), it doesn’t need to break the bank.

Glen’s adventure academy is open to kids aged 7 – 10 years and 11 -14 years. The Easter adventures run from Monday 11th – Wednesday 13th April from 9am till 5pm so there’s no need to arrange a child-minder.

No 2 (or 3) days will be the same as your young adventurers partake in a range of activities from bushcraft to bouldering and raft building to rock climbing.

There’s even a loyalty scheme where you’ll get your 7 day FREE!

Once the young adventurers have completed their days, they’ll be given a certificate of adventure to take home and show their friends.

If golf is more appealing to your youngsters, then you’ll be pleased to hear about our Easter golf camp for ages 6 +.

Run by our PGA golf pro, Stephen, kids will learn the all the tips and tricks of golf through coaching, competitions and challenges.

coaching push

And you don’t need to worry about putters and drivers, all the equipment is included.

Prices start from just £59 for 5 days for 6 – 10 years and £69 for 11+. The two hour daily sessions run across 5 days from 4th – 8th April.

To book your young adventurers and budding golfers in today on 01764 651 651.


Rudolph’s Return

Saturday 26th Dec 2015

Dear Glen
Great to hear from you, hope you had a great Christmas. Ours was exhausting; over 24hours of flying but Storm Eva over your parts certainly help us along. However, we’re lucky, we’ve only got to do it one day of the year so we can’t complain (the carrots along the way certainly help!!).
Working in such close proximity to your colleagues, you certainly get to know them better. Prancer and dancer just mess around all the time (they’re the jokers of the team).  They love the Christmas music so make the big man play it all the time (there is only so much jingle bells one deer can take). Dasher and Vixen love being away from the North Pole, although they are not fans of the heat in Australia (“It’s too hot, can you put the air conditioning on?” – you’d think they would appreciate the heat!!)
Then there’s Comet and Cupid, they just gossip about the elves most of the way (some of things they tell me, I thought the elves were all sweetness and light but noo, not so innocent).

elf 2
Donner and Blitzen, my mates, are like me and just want to get home so they are just keen to power on home – all in all we make a great team!
We did manage a BP this year though, we did it in 23hours and 58 minutes and 44 seconds, the big man is over the moon! All our hard work this year has paid off, Santa put us on a strict regime this year, he even had his old friend Sammy the Navy Seal to get us into shape (although I think it is bit rich coming from him, all those mince pies haven’t done his waist line any favours).


We’re not long home and Mrs Claus has put on a feast for us so were just about to dig in.
Hope you got the gifts we left by your tree ok, the bike looked awesome, I was tempted to keep it for myself but the big man said he would get me one once we got back (think he was trying to get a move on!) . Hope the wife liked her gift and the glasses help you with your game! The hoverboards look great fun but I think one of the elves got a wee bit too excited and crashed into the stable so just to give you the heads up!
Although we were only there briefly, the quarry looks great mate, I would definitely be up for a visit sometime in the New Year.
When it comes to flying, you’ve either got or you haven’t I am afraid. There aren’t really any tips I can give you, it’s something I was born with, sorry mate.
Anyways, I will be in touch to arrange a visit. Wish your good doe a Merry Christmas from me and I hope you have a great New Year.
All the best


The alternative Christmas letter

Thursday 10th Dec 2015

Ma man, how are you? It’s been a while, hope things are well at the North Pole with the big man. How are you getting on with the gang? I know they’d been playing a few tricks on you last time we spoke. Your nose is why you are so famous, they’re just jealous! From what I can remember from our younger days, the nose always went down well with the doe’s!
I was just dropping you a line to ask you for some flying tips? I have been in the quarry and on Aloft! flapping my legs around like a mad deer but just keep falling on my face! We’ve got this sweet new zip line here (you can go up 30mph on it!) and have even tried it out to give me some momentum but I just end up in the trees, in a heap on the floor (it’s not much fun mate!). The wife thinks it is hilarious but she is just as useless at it (bloody doe’s).
I was also hoping to ask a favour mate? Could you put in a good word for me with the big man? I have pulled together a list of things which would be sweet if you could add to the sleigh:
• A self balancing hover board (have you seen these? They’re sweet!)


• Action Glen hoody (Fuel is shot up here so the wife has it on timer for when she is home, never mind about me!)
• Genesis mountain bike – It’s great in the snow – you should check it out!

• Golf ball finding glasses – My game is getting better but I am still no Rory McIllroy

• I –tracer  (finds your keys, car and take a selfie) – It’s for the wife, she is constantly losing things – it will save me getting my head nipped (a bit)!

i tracer

We’ve recently moved into a new pad in the quarry, our address is:
Glen’s house
Action Glen
There’ll be a few light refreshments with your name on them on Christmas eve!

Hope you have a good flight and you don’t encounter too much turbulence. Tell the big man I say hello (make sure he doesn’t work you too hard!).
Pop in and see us in the new year sometime when you are off, doors always open mate.



Doing it in the dark

Tuesday 10th Nov 2015

Not wanting to be a sheep, we like to do things a bit differently here.  Several times a year, we decide to do something a wee bit wacky (after all, who wants to be normal!) with Aloft! We like to do it in the dark! When night falls, our team of night owls transform the dark tree top challenge into an adventure with a difference.

But don’t worry, your not completely in the dark, we give you a head torch and a few lights scattered around.

Why doing it in the dark is easier?

You may think that finding your way along our tree top course in the black of night with just a few lights to help you along the way would be a daunting challenge. However, some people actually find it easier as they can’t see how high up they are or what challenge is coming up next –  ideal for those scaredy cats!

First place!

We were the first place in Scotland to offer this dark adventure (yes!), other have jumped on the band wagon (as they say)  but we are going to keep our title of #premieradventurecentre for that very reason!

Sense of achievement

Not many people can say they have achieved this in the dark so you are part of an elite group of adventurers. In fact, we should make a club. We’ll call it the #nightaloft!, (genius!)


They’re themed! Each late nigh event is themed to add to the experience!  Whether it’s ghostly gouls or festive cheer, we will add the

So if your feeling brave enough, our next night time Aloft! session is Frosty Aloft! on Monday 28th December

Book now



Beat the summer holiday boredom!

Thursday 25th Jun 2015

With the summer holidays just around the corner, many parents will be wondering what to do with kids!

No need to fear the “I’m bored” or your house being turned upside by kids running wild, just send them our way!

Glen’s adventure academy

For those kids who love an adventure, Glen has it covered! His 3 day adventure academy is all about the outdoors. From rock climbing to paddle sports and archery to bushcraft, Glen and his experienced gang will show them how to make the most of the outdoors, learn new skills and most of all have FUN! The 3 day course is available from just £95 or 1 day packages are just £35.

Book now


All things golf!

If your kids love nothing more than hitting a few balls with dad or have been inspired by the Ryder Cup, then our junior golf camp is ideal.

Open to children from age 6 years and up, our camp brings together coaching, competitions and challenges that make golf fun!

Starting on the 6th July, places are available from just £15 per session.

Find out more

golf coaching

Become a deer-devil!

Are you looking for something to keep the kids entertained that won’t break the bank? Then we may have just what you are looking for in our deer devil packages. Open to kids aged 3 and up, Glen has designed 3 packages to suit kids of all ages.

Perfect for the youngest of the brood, Glen’s explorers includes water peddlerz, crazy golf and quad pods for just £12 (age 3+)!

Glen’s favourite package, Glen’s adventurers includes quad pods, zip line and water rollerz for the total price of £18 (age 6-8)!

Ideal for those looking for some independence, Glen’s trailblazers includes mini quads, water rollerz and our newly refurbished zip line for just £24 (age 8+)!

After all that, you’re bound to have built up an appetite so you’ll be pleased to know the Clubhouse is right on out doorstep!

Mini Quad Random


Getting into Golf

Thursday 11th Jun 2015

There’s a new man in town

Last month we welcomed Stephen McOmish to the team. A PGA golf pro from ECGA (Elite Coaching Golf Association) Scotland, Stephen has been teaching golf to beginners and pros for over 15 years around Europe. Having recently moved back from Spain, Stephen is originally from Crieff.


Thinking about trying golf for the first time??

For the new player to the game, or somebody thinking about trying golf for the first time, the realisation of what is involved can be very overwhelming. Where to learn, purchasing clubs, joining a club, then being utterly confused by all the thousands of golfing books written on the golf technique, I am not surprised a lot of people think it is more bother than it is worth. But it doesn’t need to be!


Stephen’s mission is to make getting in to golf the simplest thing to do! You will discover that golf is actually not that complicated at all. And that you can pick it up in a very short period of time, you’ll be hitting the ball like Rory McIlroy in no time.

Whether you would like to learn individually, with friends or family or join one of our beginner groups, everything is provided so you don’t need to worry clubs, we’ll provide it all.


Looking for golfing tips??

You’ve grasped the basics but would now like to improve your swing, putting or driving?? Stephen can help you with that too! From video analysis to individual coaching programs, we can design a program to suit all abilities.


Something for the kids

This summer, we’ll be running junior golf camps for any budding golfers. Bringing together coaching, competitions and challenges, the junior golf camp has been to make golf accessible to everyone.

Sessions start on Monday 6th July and are available for ages 6-9 years, 10-12 years and 13+.

golf coaching

To book your session today for more information, drop us an email or call 01764 651 651.


All the action from the Glen!

Tuesday 26th May 2015

The latest news from the Glen and the main man himself!

Did you know…..

  • we’ve expanded! We now have a new adventure centre in Glencoe and are opening one in Peebles soon! #watchthisspace!
  • we’ve got school holidays sorted! No more bored children this summer, they will be out learning survival skills and having fun – spaces available in July and August- check out our adventure academy!
  • we do birthday parties! Forget stressful, messy and loud parties in small, confined spaces and let us do it all – we’ll even do the food and the tidying up! Find out more
  • we’ re now on Google tours! Take a tour of our quarry in the quad bike tour or explore on our Segway tour . For those we head for heights, check out our Aloft! tour – the first one of it’s kind in the world (we think??)


In other news,

  1. Bucket list – Inspired by our blogger last month, Laura, Glen has been bitten by the bug, and can’t wait to start writing his list. Have you been bitten by the bug? Can you think of anything he should do? Let us know of any ideas on Facebook!
  2. Back to basics – Inspired by Bear Gryll’s The Island and fancy getting back to nature, then check out our family bush craft, could you light a fire quicker than the women’s island? Or build a shelter better than the men’s island?
  3. All things new – Look out for our shinny new quad bikes – there bright yellow so won’t be able to miss them!
  4. Dates for your diary – We’re going to be out and about this summer at lots of events, come along and say “Hiya”

Perthshire Adventure Festival – 13th June

Scone Game Fair – 3rd– 5th July

Action Glen Family Fun day at Perth Race course – 12th July

+ more to be announced


Watch out for more news from the Glen coming soon!


Try something new this New Year!

Tuesday 6th Jan 2015

Add a little adventure to your 2015 with the huge range of activities available at Action Glen!

Instead of making and breaking the same old boring New Year’s resolutions, why not challenge yourself to try something a little more exciting?

Try something new - QuadsGet the adrenaline pumping with our fantastic quad biking sessions – you can speed around our on-site sand and gravel quarry, darting in and out of rivers and sending mud flying everywhere!

A little too much turkey this Christmas? Not to worry. Instead of running yourself into the ground on a treadmill, you can lose those extra couple of pounds while swinging around the treetops… A couple of hours fun on our Aloft! courses can burn up to 700 calories!

Or, for those of you who are looking for something just a little more relaxed, we have a whole range of activities that you could try…

Get your eye in on the archery range, become a clay pigeon sharpshooter or simply hone your skills on the golf course!

Try something new - Golf

No need to go it alone…

Everyone can try something new here at Action Glen so why not bring along the family and you can all start 2015 off with an adventure together!