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Action Combat (at your place)

How big is your car park?

That’s right; we bring Action Combat directly to you. Think of it as an offsite version of our hugely popular Woodland Combat But it’s not a real invasion; our tanks filled with air, not armour-piercing shells.

How big is your company car park?

We’ll explain. We’ll bring a van load of gazebos, inflatable boulders, tanks and forts and turn your car park (or other large area) into a war zone.

Your objective

As ever, there’s a choice. You can capture the flag, plant the bomb, protect the President or pick another theme.

You’ll be using military grade training weapons. That means less pain than paintball, and endless ammunition. It’s high intensity fun at its best. Our drill sergeants are on hand to make sure you abide by the rules of warfare and give you some advice on tactics. The rest is up to you.