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Woodland Combat
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Woodland Combat

See the woodlands become a temporary warzone

This is far more than a bit of camouflage and some face paint. It’s a full-on tactical battle, where you pit your nerves against the enemy.

We’re not talking dinky little peashooters either. The guns are reassuringly big – as are the landmines, traps and the aptly-named domination box. (When you control the box, you control the game – aptly enough.)

Put it this way – the session is about as close as you can get to being dropped in behind enemy lines without signing up for the special forces.

New lightweight weapons mean that the minimum age has now been lowered to 6 years old, perfect for during the school holidays or as special-forces style birthday party for your young commandos!

Available from £19


What you say...
The staff had a fantastic attitude. They encourgaed us

Connor (aged 15)

Good 2 Know...
  • The real-life first person shooter
  • Pain-free paintball
  • Outdoor shoes and warm clothes