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Knee and wake boarding

Hang on tight and keep your balance

Wakeboarding is like a cross between snowboarding and waterskiing – except there’s no snow and no skis. Instead, you’re pulled on a board ,behind a powerboat. Once you’ve mastered the art of staying out of the water, you can attempt to ‘lift off’ from the wake of the boat.

With knee boarding, the principle is pretty much the same; this time keeping your balance is less of an issue and the board has straps to keep your legs in place. Whatever you try, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll fall in.

Try one activity or do them both – it’s your choice. You could even fit in a bit of waterskiing as well if you have enough time, and nerve.

Getting there

Knee and wake boarding are at Loch Earn, about 20 minutes from the resort. You can make your own way there or take a taxi. We might be able to give you a lift from the hotel but you may have a wait on arrival – ask us in advance and we’ll see if we can help.

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